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Squid Copilot 256

Squid Copilot 256

The Copilot 256 ink jet printer is designed with a 1.4'' print height to print razor sharp hi-resolution images. The Copilot 256 unit can run up to two print heads from a single touch screen to provide a max print height at 2.8'' . The CoPilot 256 is designed to print on pourous & non pourous substrates print superior quality hi-resolution characters on either porous or non-porous surfaces. The CoPilot 256 comes with free Orion™ software that is user friendly also built into the Orion™ software is an ink calculator to show you the cost per print along with how many print’s you receive per cartridge.

Spec Sheets



● Xaar print head technology that provides a super dark and visible print
● Print height up to 1.4” that can print text, scannable barcodes, logo and characters in hi-resolution
● The Co-Pilot is available in oil based for porous application and solvent based for non porous application
● 4.3” full color touchscreen that provides easy access to changing settings and uploading jobs
● Uses Squid Ink’s Orion™ software that can be donwloaded directly from


● Piezo print head technology
● 1.4′ maximum print head height – A second optional print head can be added for a total of 2.8″
● Images are printed in 185 dpi in Vertical print resolution
● Print Speed up to 135 feet/min or 41m/min
● Real time internal Clock
● USB and Ethernet compatibility
● Each ink cartridge/bag carries 500ml of either oil based or solvents based ink
● Ability to print on Porous or Non- Porous Application

Printer Software

● Full time and date functionality that includes expiration date and Julian Dates
● Multible Shift codes
● Comes with all standard barcodes
● Logos can be uploaded through through Orion™ Software
● 4GB of message storage
● Ink usage shown in software
● Ability to print on Pourous or Non- Pourous Application
● Compatitiable with Bluetooth, Wireless and Databases connections
● Languages built into the system include English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian