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CoPilot Gemini Hi-Resolution Case Coding Printer

The CoPilot Gemini has been designed to eliminate the use of high cost labels with it’s 5.6” print height

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The CoPilot Gemini hi-resolution inkjet printer was designed to eliminate the high cost of labels. With the printhead being up to 5.6”, the CoPilot Gemini is the perfect replacement compared to high cost of labels.

Spec Sheets


  • Easy to use 4.3” color touchscreen
  • 360 dpi print resolition
  • Message preview – check that the correct message is printed
  • Simple mess free ink change using canisters – no need to stop the print to refill
  • Compact & easy to install unit


  • Print Height: 5.6”
  • Print Resolution: 360 dpi
  • Ink Cartridge Volume: 500ml
  • Substrate Capabilities: Porous & Non- Porous
  • Print Speed: 220ft/minute
  • Printer orientation: horisontal – printing on vertical surfaces


  • Linx CLARiSOFT® image design software
  • Full downloadable font support for Windows
    TrueType (including multiple languages and
    Unicode support)
  • Fixed, variable and merged text fields
  • Link fields to databases
  • Flexible date/time formats
  • Formats for shift coding
  • Real time clock functions


  • Multiple graphic formats supported – any size up to
    maximum print area
  • Barcodes EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E Code 39,
    EAN128, Code 128, ITF, PDF417, Data Matrix QR
    Model 2, RSS (including 2D composite codes)
  • Text blocks
  • Auto incrementing/decrementing text, counters
    and barcodes
  • Multi-level user rights with password access
  • 512MB message store memory