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GraphicJet X-Series

GraphicJet X-Series

CLM Systems is a certified Kortho distributor of the hi-resolution Graphic Jet ink jet printers. The Graphic Jet 18 high resolution ink jet series has a max print height of 0.7” that offers a variety of different print heights at a very competitive price. The Graphic Jet has a Windows operating system, a full color touchscreen and a Windows network driver. This allows the printer to print variable data in real-time from an unlimited amount of external (ERP) databases. The Graphic Jet also has an internal barcode generator so unique barcodes can be also printed at high-speed. The Graphic Jet has over 150 different types of ink for printing on a variety of substrates.

The new Graphic Jet X72 model is designed like no other hi-resolution inkjet system in the industry. With a max print height of 2.8” along with the standard 20” touchscreen, the X72 model has no moving parts so no maintenance is needed. And advantage of our Kortho’s Freeflow(TM) ink system is that it needs no pumps or valves. The open and non-pressurized ink tank is in direct capillary connection with the printhead. This allows the head itself to pull the exact amount of needed ink directly from the tank. Not only are pumps and valves expensive, but they are also maintenance-sensitive moving parts that wear out. Not needing them makes the printer cheaper, completely maintenance free, but more importantly gives it a bulletproof reliability and does not leak oil. In addition the head doesn’t have to endure the fluctuating ink pressure that a pump would normally cause. As a result the printhead has a 6 times longer lifespan than in systems where the head does receive ink under forced pressure. Feel free to contact a sales representative at anytime to request more information.

Spec Sheets



● Xaar print head technology that provides a super dark and visible print
● Print height – up to .7” X18 model
● Print height – up to 2.8” X72 model
● The Graphic Jet X18 can print with oil based ink for porous applications and solvent based for non porous application
● The Graphic Jet X72 can run an oil based ink for porous application.
● X18 model has an 8” full color touchscreen that provides easy access to changing settings and uploading jobs
● The X72 is standardly equipped with a 20” full color Windows OS touchscreen controller
● 100% Nicelabel Compatible
● Easy Installation
● Available with 150 types of ink including colors and food grade
● Codes in any direction so that it is also possible to print in any inclined angle
● Multiple printheads can be connected and exchanged freely on the controller
● Codes on cardboard (boxes) paper, metal, plastics, fibers, coated surfaces, wood and synthetics
● On-screen label design and management software (no external equipment needed)
● Suitable for CIJ applications


● Piezo print head technology
● .7” Maximum Print Head Height X18 ModelC6
● 2.8” Maximum Print Head Height X72 Model
● Images are printed in 180 dpi in Vertical print resolution
● Print Speed X18: Up to 393 feet/min or 120m/min
● Print Speed X54: Up to 147 feet/min or 45m/min
● Real time internal Clock
● USB and Ethernet compatilibily
● X18 200ml ink capacity in either oil based or solvent based applications
● X72 400ml ink capacity in either oil based or solvent based applications
● Operating temperture between 10-40 degrees celsious

Printer Software

● 100% Windows operating system with 42 MB internal memory capacityD5
● Multible Shift codes
● Internal barcode generator allows for unique barcode printing at high speeds
● Label design and management function on controller so no external PC needed
● Bi-directional communication and remote diagnostics through internet (support)
● Full Nicelabel and Bartender compatibility
● Windows network driver for ERP integration and printing directly from databases
● Totally free layout of print design including auto codes, barcodes and counters
● Totally free layout of print design including auto codes, barcodes and counters
● Can be set to any launguage