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Squid Copilot

Squid Copilot

The Copilot uses Xaar print head technology to produce hi-resolution printing with a 0.7'' max print height. The Copilot systems print 185 dpi for characters and logos and comes with an easy to use 4.3'' touchscreen. The Copilot comes with free Orion™ software that is user friendly and has a built in ink calculator to show you the cost per print along with how many print’s you receive per cartridge. The Copilot unit can run up to two print heads from a single touch screen to provide a max print height at 1.4''.

Spec Sheets




● Xaar print head technology that provides a super dark and visible print
● Print height up to .7” that can print text, scannable bar codes, logo and characters in hi-resolution
● The Co-Pilot is available in oil based for porous application and solvent based for non porous application
● 4.3” full color touchscreen that provides easy access to changing settings and uploading jobs
● Uses Squid Ink’s Orion™ software that can be downloaded directly from


● Piezo print head technology
● .7” Maximum Print Head Height
● Images are printed in 185 dpi in Vertical print resolution
● Print Speed up to 135 feet/min or 41m/min
● Real time internal Clock
● USB and Ethernet compatibility
● Each ink cartridge carries 200ml of either oil based or solvents based ink
● Ability to print on Porous or Non- Porous Application

Printer Software

● Full time and date functionality that includes expiration date and Julian Dates
● Multiple Shift codes
● Comes with all standard barcodes
● Logos can be uploaded through through Orion™ Software
● 4GB of message storage
● Ink usage shown in software
● Ability to print on Porous or Non- Porous Application
● Compatible with Bluetooth, Wireless and Databases connections
● Languages built into the system include English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian