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Kortho TTO Intermittent Series

Kortho TTO Intermittent Series

The Kortho 53i & 107i TTO units are designed in printing in intermittent motion. With compressed air operation, it renders the use of fragile and expensive stepper motors that re unnecessary and makes this line of printers stand out due to their simplicity and robust technology. The 53i & 107i TTO units can also be controlled by any Windows software or (ERP) system. The I-Series comes in both a 53mm and 107mm intermittent units and is made with simplicity for customers to understand the unit and that makes this a fantastic thermal transfer overprinter.

Spec Sheets



● Print Area 53i: 53mm x 107mm
● Print Area 107i: 107mm x 107mm
● Print Speed 53c – Up to 230 ppm
● Print Speed 53i – up to 400mm/sec
● Print Speed 107i – up to 400mm/sec
● 300 dpi print resolution
● 4.3” Touch Screen
● 100% Nicelabel Compatible
● 100% air driven



● Ribbon cassette with double grip
for stable and fast Ribbon change
● Energy efficient
● Multiple languages available
● 100% Nicelabel Compatible

Printer Software

● 100% Nicelabel Compatible
● Multiple Shift codes
● Standard ERP connectivity like SAP, Navision
● Nicelabel is available for any Windows based system and can be combined with several printing devices and is not brand specific.
● Free Kortho QIC Software Available