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Flat Head Wax Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Flat Head Wax Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon

CLM Systems carries a variety of different wax thermal transfer ribbons used to print on various substrates. Whether you are looking for an economy wax to get the most competitive cost or a premium grade wax, CLM Systems can find the best formula that can fit your needs. Our thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with such printers as a Zebra®, Sato®, Datamax®, Intermec®, Videojet® 9550 and many more. Whether you are printing on coated or un-coated labels, tag stock, poly stock, or fabric care content labels, CLM Systems can supply you with the correct formulation needed. We carry many standard size's in stock to reduce lead-times to have your product arrive to you as quickly as possible.


● Prints razor sharp dark images
● Compatible for all thermal transfer printers
● Performs well in cold and humid environments
● Many different formula’s available for your application
● Many formula’s are FDA approved


● High Speed Printing
● Date, Lot & Barcode Printing
● Coated and uncoated label and tag labels
● Prints well on Kimdura and Poly material
● Many formula’s that can print on fabric or care content labels
● Print & apply